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9 thoughts on “BG Buddy Feedback

  1. Hello,
    A bug report and a feature request.
    Bug: since the last update the save unfinished match feature no longer works. Please fix it. I use the app on iPad 3. Please let me know if you require more info.
    Feature: it would be nice if the voice over spoke the players names during the match like it does at the end of the match as opposed to saying player one, player two.
    Best wishes,


  2. Hello. Thank you for the recent update with the new features. However, the problem with saving unfinished matches still remains. I have screen shots to send you if that helps.
    Best wishes,
    Feri Fitton


    • I may have found your bug. Saving an unfinished match doesn’t work when BG Buddy is set to tweet games or matches.
      To test it tap on the twitter icon in the menu bar and make sure both switches are OFF. Then try to save your unfinished match again.
      Does that work for you?
      If so the bug is fixed


      • Feri’s Bug Description: When you save unfinished matches and then quit BG Buddy, the last saved match is missing.
        Bug Fixed! Update coming soon.
        Thanks for the report!


  3. I know you have probably been asked this a million times but please can we have an Android version. I’m not an overpriced iphone/ipad owner so would love an Android version. I did tweet you about a year ago and was told that it would be available soon.. But when please..


    • Hi Paul, thanks for the interest. The problem is that I would need to employ an android coder to port the app and that is expensive – more than I’ve earned from my iOS version so far. I did get quite a bit of interest from android users at the recent London Open 2017 and also via email. Believe me I’d love to get it on android soon.

      If anyone reading this knows a backgammon loving android developer please point them in my direction.

      Sorry it’s not better news



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