About BG Buddy


BG Buddy Description

– BG Buddy is a backgammon score app that stores your live match data.BG-Buddy-Match-Window.jpg– Match Play or Unlimited/Money game settings.

–  Optional tournament style match clock and dice. A Tournament Director button provides access to clock and delay times for any adjustments that may be deemed necessary by tournament rules.

BG-Buddy-Dice-and-Clock.jpg– See how your game is improving with match win statistics. Available for all matches, specific events or regular club meetings, as well as against specific opponents. Statistics can be viewed for the last 3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months, 9-12 months, previous year.BG_Buddy_Stats.jpg– Take position photos and keep them organised for each match. Share them via Twitter/Facebook/messages/email either at time of taking or after the match.

– Take and share photos for your opponent’s decisions too.

Photos display:
Player names
Checker Colour of player on roll
Player direction
Match score
Player’s cube decision or dice thrown
Jacoby/Beaver settings if playing a money game
Checkbox to mark if your decision was correct (external backgammon application required for analysis)
Checkbox to show correct decision after analysis


Cube Action Photos: Shared photos can also have the text “Cube Action?” instead of your actual decision

– BG Buddy can automatically tweet your game and match results as they happen

see BG Buddy Manual for a full description.

Post feature requests or bug reports here.