Mersenne Twister Dice Checker

BG Buddy’s 3 dice generator options.

The first is called arc4random_uniform(6) and produces equally weighted dice rolls. These are indistinguishable from truly random numbers. Developer guarantee: No one can predict or obtain the sequence of numbers in advance, not even me.

If anyone has trust issues with the way BG Buddy delivers the dice, you can use the Check My Dice app to prove that the dice have not been manipulated by BG Buddy or the players in any way.

In this case use the Mersenne Twister dice generator in GB Buddy with the Player’s Secret Codes option. Each player secretly inputs a 4 digit number. These are joined together to make an 8 digit number which is joined to an 11 digit number based on the date and time to create a unique and unknown 19 digit ‘seed’ for the dice generator. (You may also let BG Buddy choose the entire secret 19 digits of the secret seed if you wish)

After the match the seed is revealed along with a text file containing all the dice rolls from the match. With this seed it is possible for a programmer to regenerate the dice rolls to confirm that they are the same as in the text file, thus proving that the match dice had not been tampered with in any way.

The Check My Dice app is very simple – it lists the first 1000 numbers generated by the seed used in your match. Again, any programmer can test this app to confirm that it always displays numbers exactly as generated by the Mersenne Twister algorithm.

Download Check My Dice here: